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Lumen URC, formerly known as Regent Square URC, is a church located in the heart of Bloomsbury. We are a small congregation worshipping in the reformed church tradition and we belong to the United Reformed Church, which brings together formerly separate Presbyterian, Congregational and Church of Christ traditions. We now have a regular Minister, Hugh Graham, and have ambitious plans for the future.


Located in a diverse area and close to many colleges and tourist hotels, Lumen is home to several community church groups and aims to extend a warm welcome to people from many backgrounds, including students and visitors to London. We are proud of our newly-modernized RIBA award winning building and are keen to use it to serve the local and wider community in London.

Here are three pictures of the interior of the building. The left hand picture shows the 1966 stained glass window designed by Pierre Fourmaintraux. The centre picture shows the Ray of Light designed by the architects Theis and Khan. The right hand picture shows the cafe window designed by Rona Smith overlooking Regent square. For other pictures, including the artwork designed by Alison Wilding, check out the Photo Album